Training courses.

    “The training session was very useful. Our instructor was an excellent communicator and had deep technical product knowledge. Thanks – lots of learnings and take-aways to enhance our use of the platform!”

    Skills to boost your Urgent ROI.

    Our interactive online training provides you with valuable support before and after implementation of your Urgent system, helping you to maximise the return on your investment and achieve your business goals.

    Our consultants work alongside your in-house teams, giving them the confidence and skills to get the best possible value from Urgent throughout your organisation.

    Although we offer tailored training to meet specific needs, three our most popular courses are Essentials, Asset Management and Finance (detailed course descriptions for each can be found below).

    We run a number of these standard training sessions throughout the year. Each is divided into a number of online sessions which run for no more than three hours at a time.

    To book a training course, or find out more about how our Professional Services team can help you meet specific objectives, please contact your Account Manager.

    Training course options.

    All training courses are delivered as a series of three-hour online sessions.

    • The Urgent Essentials course gives your users the basic skills necessary to configure Urgent and start managing daily operations. 

      • Foundation skills including login process, general system concepts and navigation
      • Site management basic concepts of site management, creating site records, adding users, locations, licences and permits
      • Supplier management basic concepts, creating supplier records, adding users and suppliers, set up supplier notifications
      • Reactive task management creation and updates including related and child tasks, verification, self help, quote management, supplier task compliance, supplier SLAs, workflow and warranty assignments
      • Reports basic concepts and filtering
      • User administration including matrices, assignments, workflows, custom fields, reference lists, service levels, holidays, system messages, notifications and notification rules
      • Mobile creating and actioning tasks, task search and account management
    • Urgent Asset Management focuses on configuration and upkeep of asset records including their relationship to sites and maintenance tasks. This course is ideal for your system administrators, asset managers and compliance teams. The course enhances users' knowledge beyond initial configuration, showing how to capture and maintain equipment details, set up maintenance routines and implement effective asset performance management. 

      • Site management basic concepts of site management, how to create a site record, add users, locations management, licences and permits
      • Document management basic library concepts, global settings, custom security settings, document actions including action types and action owners
      • Supplier management basic concepts, creating supplier records, parent and child suppliers, supplier notifications
      • Asset management basic concepts, asset matrix, asset models, asset companies, creating asset records, asset tree structures and mapping to repair matrices
      • Scheduled task configuring basic concepts, configuring instruction sets and templates, using the planner, roles and permissions
      • Scheduled task management basic concepts, inspections management and planned maintenance management
    • This course is valuable for finance teams and contractors, as it takes participants through the payment process from initial configuration to third-party invoicing tasks for approval, enabling them to streamline the billing process and improve efficiency and reporting. 

      • Quotes and adding quotes to tasks, approving and disputing quotes, workflow management
      • Invoicing basic concepts, submitting an invoice, single and multi-task invoice options, disputing and referring invoices, re-submitting a disputed invoice
      • Fixed contracts invoicing basic concepts, configuring fixed contracts, managing fixed contracts
      • Financial GL codes, GL code assignments, supplier budgets, site budgets, delegation of authority for quotes and invoicing
      • Standard reports basic concepts and filtering
      • Power BI reports basic concepts of Power BI reporting and filtering