Trusted technology.

    About the Urgent platform.

    Urgent works for all sizes of organisation, from a single site to global coverage, and is true cloud-based SaaS. This means no hardware overheads, faster implementation and lower product support costs.

    Secure browser access (HTTPS) is configured for desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones; with an app configured for iOS and Android. There is no software, no external components (such as Java), and no additional hardware requirements.

    • Hosted by Microsoft AzureTM, with a 100% network uptime guarantee
    • Upgrades and access to new features four times a year
    • Integration with other ERP systems using industry standard technology


    Unlimited configuration.

    During implementation, we’ll work with you to create workflows that exactly match your processes. For example, you may want a pop-up alert to appear for designated repair types as a reminder of connected systems or safety notices.

    All workflows and approval processes can be easily configured and defined by authorised users. Our 'drag and drop' feature makes it easy to redefine and adjust existing workflows.

    Urgent also enables you to link tasks on a parent/child basis, enabling you to break larger projects down into component elements and assign them to different suppliers as required. Suppliers can also see shared notes for tasks within the same project.

    Other examples of configuration include:

    • Adding custom fields to key entities in the system
    • Creating custom reports
    • Linking an asset to a specific location within a store
    • Custom-written code for connections to finance and ERP systems, such as SAP
    • Display in any language for which there’s a pack available

    Secure, reliable, efficient.

    We designed our hardware architecture to make the system load-balanced with no single point of failure. New servers can be added quickly and easily without system downtime, so your use of Urgent is not limited by disk space. It’s also served by multiple-redundant network connections to reduce the possibility of a network outage.

    • Data is backed up daily
    • Applications are backed up every week, with an incremental back-up each day
    • Access data via a role-based permission system
    • Password polices to meet your IT security rules.
    • Our iOS and Android apps feature the same levels of security as the core application.
    • Urgent is regularly penetration-tested by clients and passes every time

    Ongoing technical support.

    Consider us an extension of your team whenever you need support - expertise is all part of the service. Our dedicated team members all have in-depth knowledge of the Urgent system, and our helpdesk and on-call services give you 24-7 coverage for any priority issues.

    Your platform and all associated processes will be continuously improved to meet the real-world challenges you face, whether it’s business as usual or dealing with an emergency.

    Face the future with confidence.

    Whatever changes the future will bring - and, like electrification and mobility strategy, many are already well on the way - a single instance of Urgent will power all your site networks now; and will grow and adapt with your business over time to accommodate changing priorities and new fuel retail environments and services in the future.

    Your system will be automatically updated with new product releases four times a year, and our product roadmap is based on our research into where the market needs to be in the next 2, 5 and 10 years – and beyond. We’re always ready to listen, and encourage your feedback and contribution to the improvement of our product and services for mutual benefit.

    We partner with OEMs and middleware software providers, continually working to develop a broader and more far-reaching functionality that will enable the platform to communicate with even more assets and systems, harnessing the power of AI and continuing to extend the application and use of the IoT.


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