Smart sites and the IoT.

    Smarter assets and automated functions.

    The evolution of sensor and beacon technology and application of the Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up all kinds of possibilities for facilities management, from improved security to optimised working environments. Smart technology also provides you with new ways to stay on top of – and ahead of – routine maintenance and replenishment.

    Sensors can now respond to real-time needs, send alerts and enable remote control if necessary. Adjusting heating or air conditioning setting, checking and controlling storage temperatures, ensuring consumables are replenished at the right time, having waste bins emptied, and responding swiftly to any adverse events as they occur, increasing efficiency and reducing tiresome routine checks.

    Smart buildings and connected assets are also playing an increased role in risk management and mitigation. The combination of mobility, connectivity and data management means that Urgent can effectively and automatically log issues and allocate tasks on your behalf, communicating with your suppliers via text or email to action service, maintenance or urgent repair.

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