Across multiple sites, brands and countries.

    Increase efficiency, reduce costs.

    Because Urgent is a multi-tenancy platform (everything runs on the same instance of software and uses the same database) you benefit from associated economies of scale, including unlimited potential to add new sites as you expand.

    Hosted entirely in the Cloud, Urgent is easy to scale globally, and can be configured in local languages. The system is currently being used by clients across Europe, North America, Africa and Australasia.

    And if your organisation has multiple brands, Urgent can slice and dice the data exactly as you need it, providing you with discrete or blended reporting, and enabling you to obtain meaningful comparisons between locations, countries and business divisions.

    • Cost-efficient and time-saving: a single database makes implementations, updates and maintenance quicker and easier
    • Seamless departmental communication, analysis and transparency
    • Near limitless data storage
    Download your copy of ‘The FM as a data scientist’.

    The FM as a data scientist.

    A white paper reporting on research findings, industry insights and lessons learned from other industries.

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