Spend Optimization.

    Drive down costs and optimize your maintenance budget

    Urgent gives you complete visibility of all aspects of your maintenance operation, across all your sites, such as contractor performance or asset downtimeand all the associated costs

    Sophisticated BI reporting enables you to visualize your data, and drill down into asset type, site, or supplier, to really understand what’s driving the numbers, optimize spend and help you make informed choices moving forward.

    "The analytics will help us understand more clearly what is happening across all maintenance activity, and this data can be used to identify best practice, improve processes, and reduce operating costs."

    Never Miss a Warranty Repair 

    Keeping on top of warranties and scheduled services can be time-consumingIt’s estimated that more than a quarter of repairs under warranty are missed - and paid for, or warranties are invalidated as a result of asset servicing by the wrong contractor.  

    Urgent links assets to warranties, ensuring any repair or servicing task will be automatically assigned to the correct warranty supplier, meaning you won’t be paying for work that should be free of charge. 

    Spend optimization

    Full Control of Maintenance Costs

    Because Urgent gives you 100% visibility across all your sites, you can accurately track, control, and optimize your maintenance spendDefine your limits by region, site, or contractor and stay in full control of your finances

    Pre-configured approval workflows come into play once budget limits have been reached, or if a repair falls out of budget  

    Engineer uses CMMS software package to check task data

    Streamlined and Automated Financial Processes

    Fixed supplier contracts reduce your admin and mean you always know upfront the exact cost of a particular service. Fixed contracts allow you to fast-track reactive repairs or regular preventative maintenance, bypassing the approval process and getting your assets running again. 

    For repairs beyond the day-to-day, Urgent enables you to set up and manage multiple authorization levels to approve costs per asset, site, or territory.   

    Streamlined and Automated Financial Processes