EV Charger Repair and Maintenance.

    Keep your EV charging stations functioning - round the clock.

    The rapid expansion of EV charging station networks requires a new approach to maintenance and repair. Unlike traditional fuel pumps, EV charging stations can be found in multiple environments. Operators need to consider the maintenance and repair requirements of assets that are located not only on forecourts, but in public and private car parks, or indeed at domestic properties.

    The need has emerged for an automated system to detect and alert operators, or service providers, to maintenance issues without delay, keeping these critical assets fully functional and minimizing costly downtime.

    Urgent brings automation and intelligence to the repair and maintenance process, with configured workflows and embedded business intelligence, for multi-vendor EV charging station deployments.

    Optimize and manage EV maintenance

    Urgent makes it easy to stay on top of your EV charger repair and maintenance. Error codes sent from the charging station are routed through to Urgent. Urgent auto-creates a work order, assigns an SLA and sends a notification to the FM contractor or approved technician to attend the site and resolve the issue.

    Urgent maintains a full audit trail for compliance and reporting.

    Reduce EV charger downtime

    Configurable, automated workflows in Urgent dramatically reduce the time to repair. Problems can be detected, and a contractor dispatched in just a few minutes, meaning your EV assets will be fully operational and revenue-generating within hours, rather than days.

    Contractors and technicians have mobile access to a complete database of asset history and documentation, including manuals and warranties, while on-site, increasing first-time fix rates and reducing maintenance call-out charges.

    Benchmark and analyze your EV charger costs

    Urgent gives you all the data you need to understand your network of EV charging stations and associated costs. Embedded business intelligence and powerful reports deliver insights into the cost of maintaining individual chargers or vendor-specific types of chargers.

    Monitor downtime, manage your contractor SLAs, and measure your contribution to sustainability targets.