Contractor Management.

    Measure, analyze and manage contractor performance by location, contractor, or asset type.  

    Managing a large group of contractors – often across multiple territories or regions - can be challenging. Having the right information at hand helps you make sense of what is going on.  Urgent is a single point-of-reference contractor management tool, that enables you to plan and view in real-time who is doing what, where and to what level of service.

    Use the performance data captured in Urgent, through service level agreement monitoring, works verification and contractor ratings, to drive continual improvements across your contractor workforce. 

    Measure Contractors Against SLAs

    Prioritize your top revenue-generating assets for urgent repair, to ensure maximum asset uptime and a positive experience for customers visiting your sites.

    Agree contractor response times and completion targets for all maintenance tasks  - and track performance and the service level you receive, including first-time fix rates.  Highlight those contractors that are not hitting the mark. 

    Urgent makes it easy for you to monitor every supplier across all your locations, from a single platform. 

    Contractor oversight

    On-The-Go Task Management

    The mobile app gives contractors access to all the tools they need to manage tasks on-the-go, maximizing their time on site. 

    Update progress, exchange task information and upload images through the app to keep everyone in the loop on the status of a task. Have complete visibility of your contractors, including exactly when they arrive on your site with built-in location verification.

    Maintenance contractor attending to repair of convenience store coffee machine

    Works Verification And Contractor Rating

    Ensure maintenance jobs are completed to a high standard. Site managers approve completed maintenance work, and rate contractor performance using a contractor scorecard before a task can be marked as complete.   

    Contractor Inspecting Air Conditioning Scheduled Maintenance