Asset Optimization with Urgent ADAPTS.

    Automate discovery and monitoring of business-critical assets on your network.

    Urgent ADAPTS is a new affordable technology for multi-site organizations requiring an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive, solution to automate asset discovery and monitor assets connected to their business network.

    Used across industry sectors by organizations of all sizes, from a single site to thousands of locations, Urgent ADAPTS automates the discovery of assets on your network, monitors for availability and performance, and maximizes your asset ROI.

    Understand exactly which assets are on your network

    Save time and administration costs with the auto-discovery of all assets connected to your network. A complete inventory is available within seconds, presented in an easy-to-manage dashboard format.

    Identify assets running out-of-date software and receive an alert via your dashboard. Make data-driven decisions about the assets in your virtual and private networks. 

    Urgent ADAPTS by Techniche

    Keep your network and assets at optimal performance

    Devices such as VoIP phones or video can suffer quality issues as a result of poor network performance. Urgent ADAPTS monitors the availability of business-critical assets and your network’s performance.

    Create alerts and automated tasks when the network or connected assets require technical attention. Urgent ADAPTS proactive monitoring will ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

    Urgent ADAPTS by Techniche

    Get a head start on your cyber-security

    Build a foundation for your tailored cyber-security strategy with asset discovery and the detection of anomalous asset behavior.

    Urgent ADAPTS also monitors all mobile devices connecting to your wireless networks and identifies any rogue devices, alerting you to any suspicious activity that could compromise network performance.

    Urgent ADAPTS by Techniche

    Manage your network and asset compliance

    Urgent ADAPTS offers a single point of reference document library to store your certifications and regulatory documentation for all your locations. or compliance purposes. Keeping your records digitally gives you instant access to documentation for audit purposes.

    Set alerts and notifications within Urgent ADAPTS and never miss a renewal date. Urgent ADAPTS is cloud-based so you can access your documentation from any browser.

    Urgent ADAPTS by Techniche

    Simple to use, quick to deploy, works straight out-of-the-box

    Fully pre-configured, Urgent ADAPTS starts monitoring your network and assets from the moment you switch it on. 

    Urgent ADAPTS asset monitoring ensures your critical assets are always available when you need them, enabling you to focus on your business.

    Urgent ADAPTS by Techniche

    How the healthcare industry can successfully manage adaptable assets 

    Healthcare professionals have been challenged by the recent pandemic. Nursing homes are also under scrutiny by both the government and outside agencies. Their facilities and IT infrastructure must be at their optimal performance.

    This can present itself as a challenging and overwhelming endeavor of cost-effective asset maintenance and monitoring ... Continue reading

    Urgent ADAPTS

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