Maintenance management for petrol retailers.

    Saving BP around £2 million per year in petrol station maintenance costs.

    Over recent years, petrol retailing has changed significantly, with most locations featuring a convenience store and some kind of fresh food or beverage offering. This evolution has brought with it a complex set of maintenance management needs.

    BP had found that their FM systems could no longer meet the changing business demands, and decided to move to a single global CAFM platform: Urgent.

    Urgent offers a single source code and a single repair structure, which means it can be used to underpin process standardisation within maintenance management across the business.

    Urgent also supports multiple languages, and its API enables it to interface easily with BP contractors’ own field service management systems. As a robust and highly scalable cloud-based solution, it fully supports the needs of BP’s petrol station retail network worldwide.

    A single multi-tenancy platform.

    After initial implementations in South Africa and Mozambique – where it directly replaced an existing IBM Maximo solution – Urgent was subsequently rolled out across Europe: a single platform providing transparent, comparable real-time data across multiple countries and continents.

    Now supporting over 13,000 petrol station retail sites in over 15 countries, Urgent has enabled BP to reduce its dependency on outsourced providers and has delivered savings of approximately £2 million per year.

    The Urgent platform also creates significant efficiencies. In the UK and Germany, for example, 70% of maintenance tasks are automatically allocated to contractors. On average, client time is reduced by six minutes per task, equating to a saving of almost 600 work days per year.

    Alongside reactive petrol station maintenance management, Urgent also provides H&S incident reporting, compliance and environmental audits, contractor management, online equipment repair guides and inventory management of assets.

    Our petrol retail clients include:


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