Contractor management and mobile app.

    Measuring and analysing performance...

    ...by location, contractor or asset type.

    You can drive continual improvements in contractor performance, using SLA monitoring, works verification, and contractor rating.

    Rather than being driven by burdensome supplier requirements, all new contracts can be based on a system template that will consolidate process and underpin your working relationships.

    Mobile app for on-the-go task management.

    Available for both Android and iOS, the Urgent app gives your contractors access to your platform online and on-site. This makes it easy for everyone to view job lists in real-time, easily locate and identify assets, and respond to new jobs while on the move.

    • Access to comprehensive information relating to sites, tasks and assets
    • Processes map to any configured Urgent workflow
    • Geo-location
    • Complete transparency of when tasks are updated and by whom
    • Upload photos and documents
    • Offline viewing and management, with sync on reconnection

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