Additional modules.

    Event reporting module.

    Report on non-maintenance related events with a critical or financial impact, such as property damage, a personal injury occurring on your site or a shoplifting incident.

    • Identify trends or areas for improvement, such as enhanced anti-theft measures or additional training
    • Send automated secure notifications of an event to any system user or authorised email address


    Health and safety auditing module.

    Record and report on the results of audits and inspections of suppliers or contractors while they are on your premises. Monitor safe working practices and compliance with local health and safety regulations.

    • Create custom safety audits and perform unannounced contractor audits
    • Monitor and identify non-compliant suppliers and contractors
    • Enables safety auditors to easily plan work schedules and allocate resources


    Invoicing module.

    Enable your suppliers to create invoices directly in your Urgent platform.

    • Immediate visibility enables you to validate invoices quickly and accurately before approving for payment
    • Set financial controls, such multiple approval stages
    • Optional interface with your existing financial systems


    Supplier interface module.

    Enable your suppliers to connect their task management systems to your Urgent platform, helping them to manage your reactive and planned maintenance tasks via their own system. The interface creates a two-way flow of data, eliminating the need to duplicate records.

    • Optional interface to enterprise systems, including SAP
    • Choose to export data to your financial system, through a direct connection or via an upload