CAFM and asset performance technology.

    Urgent: empowering facilities managers.

    We help FMs to solve everyday challenges, and empower them to achieve their strategic goals.

    We do this by harnessing our industry expertise to help clients get the most from our powerful asset management technology. This generates value for our client stakeholders, while improving the environments in which people work, shop and live.

    • Managing over 30,000 sites in 34 countries
    • Managing annual maintenance spend of over £500 million
    • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certification (IMSM UK)
    • Active IWFM members (formerly BIFM)

    Yet, much as we love to talk about our cutting-edge technology, it’s what it does for the people and organisations that use it that matters. We’re all about providing insight, solving problems and generating value for our clients.

    Urgent and Statseeker - both Techniche products - help organisations get the most from their assets and networks by effectively managing performance.

    Techniche is a global business technology company. Techniche solutions manage and monitor assets and networks, and the devices connected to them.

    Statseeker is a predictive network monitoring solution. It can be sized for any type of network and facility location, and can collect telemetry data from devices such as SNMP polling, Ping, Syslog, NetFlow and through REST APIs.

    Active in over 22 countries, many Fortune 100 firms rely on Statseeker as an integral part of their day-to-day operations.

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